Everything that has a begining has and end

Nobody has asked me yet, but the Edmonton Photography Workshop by Bryan Peterson and Chris Hurtt was (is) a complete success. It is hard to express how much I learned. Tips, theory, techniques, places, and most importantly people.

Bryan and Chris are different and amazing at the same time. What initially was a sudden change ended up really well. I got to lean from and hang around Edmonton with two really outstanding photographers.

Bryan’s photography experience and knowledge is at times hard to keep up with. He simply sees and knows. That building with that subject…oh, that will be a f/8.0 and 1/100th sec for correct exposure…. unbelievable.

Chris’ energy and desire to educate and learn at the same time is inspiring. His photography knowledge is amazing too. He makes you believe you can get there if you keep trying.

Last but not least was the group of students. Very interesting characters, from each of whom I learned one or two things: it is never to late, go for it, keep trying, ask stupid questions, shuuuut up – eh, etc.

I am very very glad how my weekend turned out.

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Workshop with Bryan Peterson

I think I have everything ready for the workshop. I cleaned all my lenses, dusted the body of my camera, re-arranged my stuff in the two bags I have….hmmm, I think that is all.  There are few things Bryan suggested to bring to the workshop that I do not have: graduated ND filter, external flash, and a tele converter. I am hopping to actually decide whether or not I like/need them during the workshop.

The other part I am a bit worry about is that I think I will be playing catch up during the Adobe Photoshop sessions. I do not use many proprietary software. I use UFRaw for my post-processing and GIMP for picture alterations.

Let’s see how it goes.

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Seeing the world from a wider point of view

Since starting taking pictures with my DSLR I always wanted to get a wide angle lens. I have been trying my best with my 18-55 mm lens but it is simply not wide enough for some shots.

As I mentioned before, I am going to a photography workshop with Bryan Peterson in few weeks. Among other suggestion, Bryan told us to bring our wide angle lenses if we had any. I asked him if the 18-55mm was wide enough and he suggested to go with something wider if I could. I did some research and found the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. I mentioned to Bryan and he said that it was perfect.

So being the Green personality type I am, I spent good 4 hours doing some research and reading online reviews. After all the reading and checking my budget I decided to go ahead and get this lens. A treat for being such a good something.

If I thought that all the reading, research, deliberations about whether or not to get the lens were getting complicated and time consuming I was wrong. Getting my hands on this great lens was going to be the real problem.

I went online, few US online stores, ebay, nothing or much more expensive. I went to the local camera store, nothing. I made few phone calls, nothing. In the words of one gentleman I talked to on the phone: “this lens very difficult to get for a Canon mount. We never know when it will come, and when it does, the one or two we get are gone in a day or two”. Well, on the positive side, the fact that the lens is so hard to get confirms all the positives reviews I read. Long history short, I finally got the lens. And after all the province-wide search I got it right here in Red Deer.

This Tokina lens is not exactly cheap. Actually it is the most expensive lens I have bought. So far I am happy with it. I didn’t waste much time and I mounted and went for a walk with Bono. In this post are 2 of the pictures I took.

Red Deer street

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Workshop with Bryan Peterson – Edmonton

Two days ago I got a note from Bryan Peterson letting me know that I had a spot in a workshop to take place in Edmonton in few weeks. I am very excited about it.

Everything paid for. I cannot wait for June 10th.

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Why wordpress?

I will be migrating my blog ozphotox.blogspot.com to wordpress soon. I decided to go with wordpress after getting disappointed by hosting another website at Google Sites. So, since blogger is part of Google….

Do not take me wrong, I am a big supporter of Google! I have a number of Gmail accounts, I use Google Chrome, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Maps, etc. I guess the personal website hosting is not my favourite.

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Who do I follow?

I always liked to take nice pictures, trying to go above and beyond the normal vacation type of shoots, you know: stand besides that railing with the amazing  bridge in the background, smile and just take it.
No. I wanted more.

I started by trying things with my SONY Cibershot. First in black and white, then trying to play around with the DOF. But it was obvious I wasn’t going to go far.

My brother Jorge started taking amazing pictures with our old Zenit SLR (truly my/our first SLR). He also got the most of his Nikon Coolpix. –> Followed #1.

Some time went by and my friend’s brother David Khazam came to visit us in Edmonton. David is a amazing photographer who kindly shared some tips with Sol and me. –> Followed #2.

My friend Sol took the initiative and bought her first DSLR.

I spent some time with my Mom and Jorge in Florida in December 2008. By then Jorge had upgraded his gear to a Nikon D80. Later in December, Sol brought her camera over when they were visiting Red Deer. I was hooked into the DSLR’s. I got my own later that X-mas.

Sharing pictures and info around I found out that Mohamed Ali, a friend from grad school, was also experimenting with photography. I started to pay attention to his work. –> Followed #3.

Mohamed told me about the books and sources he was using to come up with those great pictures. It was then when I started reading Bryan Peterson‘s “Understanding Exposure”. That really made a difference. –> Followed #4
Bryan should be #1, but I am going on chronological order!
Understanding Exposure is sill my go to book when I have doubts or forget anything about exposure. My beautiful wife gave me another of Bryan’s books (Learning to See Creatively) for my birthday. I am still going through that one, it is really good too.

Not sure why, but my good friend Lalo got hooked into the photography stuff as well. Lalo got a Canon 50D and has been shooting pictures like crazy for the last 6 months. I like his pictures….particularly the blue sky (inside joke). –> Followed #5.
Lalo and I are always sharing tips and tricks. He is doing better at taking pictures at the golden hours, I guess I like sleeping more than he does!

More recently, I bumped into an old friend in Facebook, Carlos. Looking at his photo albums I found out he is also into the photography hobby. Even though it is not my style for the time being, I like Carlos pictures a lot. –> Followed #6.

Well, I think that is it for now. Those are the 6 photographers I follow these days on a regular basis…but I am always looking around.

The few pictures I have uploaded into Flickr are here.


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Post Uno

Well, keeping up with my recent tradition of creating a blog for every one of my hobbies, here I am with one about photography.
Las x-mas (2008), I bought my first DSLR. A Canon 450D, known in North America as Rebel XSi. It is a 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera. It came with an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens and some other accessories. 

Later, I bought a second lens; a EF 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6 II USM. It is decent, not great. If you are interested, I like this review
More recently, I added a third lens to my set. A CanonEF 50mm f/1.8 II, a prime. Again, if you are interested, I like this review.

Besides for the lenses, I got a decent tripod, UV and W (circ polarization) filters,  and a bag.

So far, I have taken quite a few pictures with the XSi; around 4k of them. I will be posting some in the near future.

Please feel free to comment and/or ask me questions.


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