Today, when doing some more maintenance of my photographies database I realized that although RAW is a far superior format for the photo enthusiast, family pictures don’t have to be preserve in that format.
It may sound silly, but when your collection is of a decent size, it matters. RAW files (at least the cr2 and DNG I use) are 3 to 4 times bigger than the JPG.

I shoot in dual mode, RAW+JPG. For now on I will add an extra step to my work flow so that I keep only the JPG of the family pictures.

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One Response to Rawlization

  1. Lori Maloney says:

    Smart! I tend to keep the RAW files of family images that I expect to use later (gifts, Christmas calendars, etc.) but there are LOADS of images that can be kept as jpg so as not to tie up memory unnecessarily!

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