Seeing the world from a wider point of view

Since starting taking pictures with my DSLR I always wanted to get a wide angle lens. I have been trying my best with my 18-55 mm lens but it is simply not wide enough for some shots.

As I mentioned before, I am going to a photography workshop with Bryan Peterson in few weeks. Among other suggestion, Bryan told us to bring our wide angle lenses if we had any. I asked him if the 18-55mm was wide enough and he suggested to go with something wider if I could. I did some research and found the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. I mentioned to Bryan and he said that it was perfect.

So being the Green personality type I am, I spent good 4 hours doing some research and reading online reviews. After all the reading and checking my budget I decided to go ahead and get this lens. A treat for being such a good something.

If I thought that all the reading, research, deliberations about whether or not to get the lens were getting complicated and time consuming I was wrong. Getting my hands on this great lens was going to be the real problem.

I went online, few US online stores, ebay, nothing or much more expensive. I went to the local camera store, nothing. I made few phone calls, nothing. In the words of one gentleman I talked to on the phone: “this lens very difficult to get for a Canon mount. We never know when it will come, and when it does, the one or two we get are gone in a day or two”. Well, on the positive side, the fact that the lens is so hard to get confirms all the positives reviews I read. Long history short, I finally got the lens. And after all the province-wide search I got it right here in Red Deer.

This Tokina lens is not exactly cheap. Actually it is the most expensive lens I have bought. So far I am happy with it. I didn’t waste much time and I mounted and went for a walk with Bono. In this post are 2 of the pictures I took.

Red Deer street

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