Who do I follow?

I always liked to take nice pictures, trying to go above and beyond the normal vacation type of shoots, you know: stand besides that railing with the amazing  bridge in the background, smile and just take it.
No. I wanted more.

I started by trying things with my SONY Cibershot. First in black and white, then trying to play around with the DOF. But it was obvious I wasn’t going to go far.

My brother Jorge started taking amazing pictures with our old Zenit SLR (truly my/our first SLR). He also got the most of his Nikon Coolpix. –> Followed #1.

Some time went by and my friend’s brother David Khazam came to visit us in Edmonton. David is a amazing photographer who kindly shared some tips with Sol and me. –> Followed #2.

My friend Sol took the initiative and bought her first DSLR.

I spent some time with my Mom and Jorge in Florida in December 2008. By then Jorge had upgraded his gear to a Nikon D80. Later in December, Sol brought her camera over when they were visiting Red Deer. I was hooked into the DSLR’s. I got my own later that X-mas.

Sharing pictures and info around I found out that Mohamed Ali, a friend from grad school, was also experimenting with photography. I started to pay attention to his work. –> Followed #3.

Mohamed told me about the books and sources he was using to come up with those great pictures. It was then when I started reading Bryan Peterson‘s “Understanding Exposure”. That really made a difference. –> Followed #4
Bryan should be #1, but I am going on chronological order!
Understanding Exposure is sill my go to book when I have doubts or forget anything about exposure. My beautiful wife gave me another of Bryan’s books (Learning to See Creatively) for my birthday. I am still going through that one, it is really good too.

Not sure why, but my good friend Lalo got hooked into the photography stuff as well. Lalo got a Canon 50D and has been shooting pictures like crazy for the last 6 months. I like his pictures….particularly the blue sky (inside joke). –> Followed #5.
Lalo and I are always sharing tips and tricks. He is doing better at taking pictures at the golden hours, I guess I like sleeping more than he does!

More recently, I bumped into an old friend in Facebook, Carlos. Looking at his photo albums I found out he is also into the photography hobby. Even though it is not my style for the time being, I like Carlos pictures a lot. –> Followed #6.

Well, I think that is it for now. Those are the 6 photographers I follow these days on a regular basis…but I am always looking around.

The few pictures I have uploaded into Flickr are here.


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One Response to Who do I follow?

  1. Mohamed Ali says:

    Thanks for the mention, Oswaldo!
    Great effort you do in you blog here. keep up the good work and post more and more great photos.
    I really have the idea of starting my photo blog (kind of technical and educational one) but always have been too busy, and if not busy, too lazy.
    I got inspired by yours and will try to put something together.

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